Why You Should Order “ADT Yard Signs” for Your Security Company

Oct 11th 2021

Why You Should Order “ADT Yard Signs” for Your Security Company

Just about everyone has heard of the 2 biggest names in alarm and security monitoring - ADT and Vivint.

With over 6 million customers nationwide, ADT is definitely one of the largest security companies in the United States. ADT yard signs are instantly recognizable with their vibrant blue octagon shape and white text.

Vivint is another industry giant with over 1.5 million customers and another easily recognizable security sign. Vivint signs are a bright orange color with white text. They were originally octagons but later changed to a simpler circle shape which helps to further differentiate them from ADT.

It’s hard to drive around a neighborhood these days without seeing at least one Vivint or ADT yard sign - and for good reason.

Why are ADT yard signs so popular?

Customers proudly display security signs in their yards because they serve as an intruder deterrent, letting neighbors and passersby know that their home is protected. While doing so, these small but mighty yard signs are a mini billboard and marketing tool that tell everyone who is providing security and monitoring services to their home.

Security signs are one of the most valuable marketing tools a security or alarm company can purchase which is why the big guys do their best to get them into as many of their clients’ yards as they can.

Here’s the good news...whether you are a sole proprietor or a multi-million dollar company, you can order custom yard signs with your logo and contact info that rival the big guys.

What makes a security sign impactful?

Some of the smaller companies will try to cram as much information onto their signs as possible but the simpler the design, the more impactful your sign will be. Often just a logo and either website or phone number will get the best results.

You can choose from a variety of shapes including the ever popular octagon and circle or create something more unique with a badge, shield, hexagon, square, diamond, or rectangle. Depending on the shape of your logo and the information you’d like to include, some shapes may work better for you over others.

How can a security company order custom yard signs?

It’s easier than you think to get custom yard signs made for your security or alarm company! Security Signs & Decals has been a leading manufacturer for over 30 years and proudly prints all of their signs in the USA from their factory in Pompano Beach, Florida. They use the highest quality materials and UV inks to create incredibly vibrant and weatherproof yard signs and security stickers at affordable prices.

Unlike some lower quality competitors, these home security signs are incredibly durable and are guaranteed to stand up to the elements for a minimum of 2 years but can last much longer.

Best of all, they provide free professional design services by experienced professionals so you can see how your security signs and stickers will look before placing your order.

Some customers will purchase just yard signs which can include aluminum yard sign stakes but most will opt for a bronze, silver, gold, or platinum combo package to get the best value. These special packages can include additional products such as security stickers (window decals, keypad decals, and/or panel decals), and the platinum package even includes matching refrigerator and vehicle magnets.

Security Signs & Decals is your one-stop shop for promotional security products, offering custom made yard signs, security stickers , fridge / vehicle magnets, and high quality polo shirts embroidered with your logo.

Ready to get started?

Click here to request free design services, click here to view instant pricing on printed products, or call (800) 642-8444 Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm to speak to a friendly representative at Security Signs & Decals.


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