Security Signs and 5 Other Must-have Marketing Tools

Feb 18th 2021

Security Signs and 5 Other Must-have Marketing Tools

You never have a second chance to make a good first impression which is why presenting a professional appearance will help to give your company the credibility it needs to be successful.

Professionally printed signage, stickers, and magnets will add value to your security services while serving as an intruder deterrent that gives your customers peace of mind. It also keeps your company name and logo top of mind, making it easier for clients to refer you to their friends and family.

Proper signage and marketing tools will also serve as a mini billboard to neighbors, guests, and passersby. If they are in the market for alarm or security services, chances are they will go with a vendor that is already being used by friends or family. The more people see your logo around town, the more likely they are to give you a call.

Here are the top 6 must-have products to help grow your company:

1. Security Signs

Security signs have continuously been the #1 tool for security and alarm companies to gain exposure. They serve 3 purposes. Alert potential burglars that a home or business is secured, give your clients an added sense of security, and provide FREE advertising for your company.

Home security yard signs are available in 16 shapes including the standard circle, square, rectangle, and diamond, along with a variety of shield and badge shapes. And of course the octagon shape which was made famous by ADT security signs.

Lawn signs are custom designed and feature your company name or logo, along with basic contact information. When it comes to design, keep it simple. Less is more for a professional look.

2. Security Stickers for Windows & Doors

Security stickers are another necessity for alarm companies. They are typically placed on windows and doors to show that a home or office is being protected. Window decals are also versatile in that they can be easily applied to many objects. They are most often placed on glass windows and doors but some customers like to place these decals on control panels, alarm boxes, and more!

Security stickers are usually designed to match your yard signs, using the same shape and messaging but in a smaller size much like ADT stickers match their outdoor counterparts on the lawn.

How will your decals be applied? Outside window decals are the least expensive option. They function like a regular sticker and much like the name, are applied from the outside of the window or door. These are most popular for home security stickers.

Inside window decals provide an added layer of protection because they are - you guessed it - applied from the inside and cannot be removed from the outside. In order to achieve this effect, the decals are reverse printed directly onto the adhesive.

Both of these options are only visible from the outside. If you’d like to see your design from both the inside and outside, go with the double-sided decal. With this option, your design is printed on 2 sides so when it is applied, it can be seen from both the inside and outside. These are most popular in a commercial environment that gets a lot of foot traffic on both sides.

3. Fleet Security Magnets

Whether you have one van / truck or an entire fleet, security magnets will give your vehicle a professional and polished look from the moment you drive up.

Think about your truck magnets as a mini billboard that follows you wherever you go. In addition, when you are parked to complete an installation or service call, everyone who passes by will see your logo which helps with branding while keeping your company top of mind.

Another advantage to magnetic vehicle signs is that they can be easily removed and reapplied which can come in handy if any employees reside in a neighborhood that does not allow commercial vehicles.

Security magnets can be designed to match the exact shape of your signs and decals or you can opt for a standard rectangle door magnet.

4. Alarm Keypad Decals

Alarm keypad decals may be small but they sure are mighty. Measuring in at 1” high or smaller, these small stickers allow you to brand your alarm keypads as your own. Some companies opt for a simple logo while others manage to squeeze in a phone number as well. These high quality decals will keep you top of mind each time your clients arm or disarm their system. Alarm keypad decals ensure that your customers will never forget who installed their system.

5. Refrigerator Magnets

Custom refrigerator magnets can be created to match the design and shape of your security stickers or yard signs. You can add messaging like “For Service Call”. “24 x 7 Monitoring”, or “In Case of Emergency Call”. Shaped alarm company refrigerator magnets are a great way to stay in front of your customers so they remember who services their alarm and who to contact if they need assistance.

6. Control Panel Decal

Can you guess where control panel decals are placed? Control panel stickers are just one more way to stay in front of your customers while presenting a professional look from all angles. Measuring in at 4” x 6”, control panel stickers allow you to showcase your logo and contact information. They will hopefully serve as a reminder not to mess with the control panel without calling you!

Whether you are a brand new alarm company, or an existing security company that has been around for a while, getting new clients and maintaining your current customer base is always on your mind. It’s a struggle that businesses of all sizes and industries face.

Having the tools you need to be successful can make a huge difference for your company.

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