How to Order Custom Security Signs & Stickers for Your Company

Apr 19th 2021

How to Order Custom Security Signs & Stickers for Your Company

For Alarm & Security Companies, custom printed yard signs and security stickers are the number one marketing tool that can assist in providing them with the credibility they deserve.

Whether you have recently started a new security / alarm company, or have been in business for many years, you have likely recognized the need to create your own version of the famous ADT security signs.

You may have been wondering how you could go about creating “ADT” yard signs with your own logo, contact information, and color scheme.

Fortunately, there is a company that specializes in just that, and has been creating them for over 30 years.

Security Signs & Decals has been a leading manufacturer of security signs and stickers since 1987. They take pride in providing high quality products, competitive pricing, and superior customer service. Best of all of their products are proudly made in the USA!

Their customers typically provide one or more of the following services:

  • Commercial Security Services
  • Home Security Services
  • Alarm Installation and Monitoring
  • Video Surveillance
  • Community Security Services

Security Signs & Decals does something most other companies do not in this day and age...they provide free, no obligation design services before you order anything.

Unlike traditional marketing tools like business cards, security signs and stickers are manufactured in a wide range of shapes like badges, shields, octagons, etc. which are often difficult for customers to design on their own, or even envision how they would look with their company’s logo placed on them.

Getting started couldn’t be much easier, just click here to request free design services. Then provide the design team a little bit of direction regarding your interest:

1. Decide on a shape

Select a shape for your Security  Stickers or Signs

There are many standard shapes available including circle, square, rectangle, octagon, hexagon, and a variety of shields and badges. Don’t see what you are looking for? Inquire about custom shapes and sizes.

2. Determine which product(s) you are interested in:

Security Yard Signs

These 11” yard signs are available in a wide range of shapes, typically purchased with an aluminum yard sign stake so they can be easily displayed on a customer’s lawn. They serve as both a valuable marketing tool for your company and a powerful intruder deterrent for your clients.

Video Surveillance Signs

These security signs are very similar to yard signs minus the yard sign stakes (although they can be added if needed). Surveillance signs also measure 11” and often have an image of a video camera incorporated into the design.

Security Stickers

Security stickers / decals, are often designed as 4” miniature versions of their matching signs. They are typically used on glass windows / doors but can be adhered to just about any surface. The decals can be manufactured in 3 different methods depending on how they will be displayed: outside window, inside window, and double-sided decal.

Alarm Keypad Decals

These small but mighty stickers allow you to display your logo and/or contact information directly on alarm keypads so your customers remember who installed their system.

Control Panel Decals

4” x 6” control panel stickers can be placed on alarm control panel boxes so customers know who installed and monitors their system.

Vehicle Magnets

Whether your company has a single truck or an entire fleet, give your vehicle(s) a professional look with removable magnets containing your logo and contact information. Available in rectangles or custom shapes to match your yard signs.

Refrigerator Magnets

Stay top of mind with customers by ordering refrigerator magnets in the same shape as your security stickers and signs. It’s a great way to display important phone numbers for installation, monitoring, and/or emergency services. These magnets stick to any indoor metal surface including refrigerators and file cabinets.

3. Request your favorite color(s)

Select 1, 2, or 3 colors that you’d like to include in your design. Keep in mind that the more colors used, the more expensive your printed products will be. In most instances, white will not count as a color so if your design is red and white, it only counts as 1 color.

4. Upload your logo if you have one

If you have a high resolution version of your logo, upload it for inclusion in your design. Pdf format is always preferred for best possible quality. Don’t have a logo? That’s ok too! Your company name can be typed out using an impactful font instead.

5. Provide some basic contact information

Let us know your name, company name, phone number, and email address so your design concepts can be sent out. If you have any preference on what you’d like to include on your signs or stickers, let us know! Less is more when it comes to design. Here’s a great article that includes some useful tips when it comes to color, shape, and content:

That’s it! Once you’ve submitted your request, you will receive some amazing design concepts that match your company’s brand.

After receiving your design proofs, just select the design that best fits your needs along with the quantity you’d like of each product. You will have the option to place your order online using the self service checkout option or call (800) 642-8444 and a representative will assist you in placing your order.

Many companies that are just starting out will opt for a combo package since they are in need of a few different items and these special packages provide the best value:

Security Signs & Decals uses the highest quality process when creating all of their products, making them incredibly vibrant in color and durable against the elements for a minimum of 2 years (although they typically last much longer).

Due to the nature of the high quality manufacturing process, it can take 2 - 4 weeks to produce your security stickers, signs, and magnets after the design has been approved so be sure to allow ample time to receive your products.

Ready to get started?

Click here to request free design services, click here to view instant pricing on printed products, or call (800) 642-8444 Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm to speak to a friendly representative at Security Signs & Decals.