4 Easy Tips to Maximize the Benefits of Your Security Signs

Dec 30th 2020

4 Easy Tips to Maximize the Benefits of Your Security Signs

ADT security signs are often the visual that comes to mind when security yard signs are mentioned. Nowadays, even smaller alarm companies have their own custom security signs.

Yard signs are a powerful tool for security and alarm companies that are used to protect the homes of their customers while serving as a mini billboard to neighbors and passersby.


1. Location

Security yard signs give burglars fair warning that a security system is installed. This makes your sign a powerful tool to help protect your clients but also helps to advertise your services and assists in attracting new customers. Take the time to select a good location for this valuable marketing and security tool.

Security yard signs gets the most response if they can be read from the road, but be sure to obey local laws and association rules to avoid unwanted removal of your sign. Face the sign in the direction of heavy traffic so it can be seen by as many people as possible.

2. Lighting

Select a well lit area for your security signs. Doing so will ensure that your signs will still be viewable at night. Don’t have adequate lighting? There are a couple other options to ensure optimum visibility. One would be to purchase an inexpensive solar light like this one , place it in the ground at the base of your sign, and point upward toward your sign. This will shine a spotlight directly on your sign. Another option would be to order signs with a reflective finish. While this option is more expensive, it will ensure that your signs really pop any time a car passes by.

3. Installation

Install your security signs on the front lawn about a foot and a half off the ground. Signs that are installed too high off the ground can possibly be blown down by the wind. Signs too low won’t be easily seen from the road and can be quickly covered by grass or shrubs. Using a rubber mallet to hammer your security signs about 6” into the ground or until secure, will help to ensure that it will stay put for years to come.

It’s also ok to install more than one security sign if the homeowner allows it. Place one in the front yard, another in the backyard, you could even mount one to the fence.

4. Design

Location, lighting, and proper installation are all important, but having a custom designed “ADT security sign” is one of the most valuable marketing tools for alarm companies.

Choosing the right shape, color scheme, and impactful messaging are very important factors that can add instant credibility to your company. It is also important to select a security sign that is manufactured with extremely high quality so it will stand up to the elements. Some companies like Security Signs & Decals, even provide free design services before you buy so you know exactly what you’ll be getting. Designing your own security signs can be a bit overwhelming so working with a company that can assist you with this process can be a big help.

Not sure where to start?

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